Artist Statement

“I have a strong commitment to Public Art and a belief that Art should be integrated into the experience of daily life. My work is created with the purpose that it will find its way into the public sphere. I have developed an art environment in the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal, where I work and I live, because I believe that urban reclamation and occupying public spaces with Art is a form of culture in action.

My work with recycled objects, discards, salvaged materials etc. not only addresses historical and ecological concerns but becomes also for me a method of inclusivity. I believe that by using recycled material in unexpected ways the survival of these materials becomes heroic and their transformation from object into Art becomes part of a mythological process.

As a self taught artist I have spent twenty years learning the techniques of construction that have allowed me to move from working on small pieces in wood to working now in an industrial studio, and mostly in iron. I have given a lot to my work and have also gotten much from it and I owe a debt to other artists who have gone before me, traveling this road of sparks and steel.”


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