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Glen Le Mesurier Cour Le RoyerObviously everything posted here is video.

There are some which have been transferred from original film stock.

Vidéo par universitv.tv et lc2a.ca

Vidéo par Coeurdanik
Le Poisson Jurassique est présentement au Parc Régional St-Bernard.

Documentaire sur glen lemesurier, sculpteur montréalais. Fait avec Michael Leblanc-Vézina et Ghislain Schmidt. Nominé dans la catégorie “meilleure production” au Gala de l’institut Grasset 2007.

Photography, editing, treatment and sound by
Christian Richer

A tour of the monumental sculptures of Ile Ste-Helene, Montreal at the Expo 1967 site. Hosted by Montreal sculptor Glen Le Mesurier. Features the sculptures of Buckminster Fuller, Alexander Calder, R. Roussil and Yves Trudeau. Music by Zig Zag Zen with guest Jordi Rosen. Directed by Jennifer MacIntyre, Lisanore Godbout and Stephane Janukavicius.


One thought on “+Video + Film

  1. Hello Glen,

    I was wondering if perchance you could give me some more info about L’Homme by Alexander Calder in Jean-Drapeau. I’m doing a small project on the piece and would love some perspective. I would be grateful if you’d give me your opinion on possible meanings, symbols, etc, or if you had any recommendations for articles on this particular sculpture. I’m not a connaisseur…

    Thanks for your time.

    Do you have an email? please post back.


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