Douglas Hospital Commission

These sculptures were commissioned by the Douglas Hospital to enhance and enrich the area around the main building.

Twilight of the Idols
Atoms, Hearts. (Douglas Hospital, Verdun)

+Public Works (not-owned)

This year I installed a Sculpture at Montreal’s Pine/Park Interchange. For some time the city has debated over how to best use that space and have not been able to arrive at a consensus, leaving the space blank.  With the help of some worthy cohorts I installed a Guerilla Sculpture at the site.

Unfortunately, within days the sculpture was stolen but I was glad to contribute to the dialogue my perspective that Public Art has a place in Public Space and that art can animate our environment.
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Stone Circle
Stone Circle
Stone Circle

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral – Antoine de Saint-Euxpery

Montreal is a remarkable city, still full of potential for a modern artist to work with the natural materials and space that the city provides.

When a building burned down on Montreal’s St. Laurent Blvd. the fire left a huge hole in its wake. Like a painter before a blank canvas I immediately saw the potential in that arena of space. I spent a weekend, working in rain, to build stone sculptures composed of the bedrock of the building.

originally posted by sculpturegarden on November 29, 2008.



le voyage fantastique des macareux magiques








+Events (Past+Futur)

Escales Improbables – September 11, 12, 13th 2009
I will be on site live September 11, 12 and 13 during the free day activities to build a sculpture made out of steel of a majestic jurassic fish.Building Jurassic Fish. Photos by Chloé-Laëtitia Thomas
Floating Jurassic Fish. Photos by Anik Benoit
More about Les Escales Improbables and check out their site!

Meeting place for art without borders

“One should always be a little improbable.” – Oscar Wilde
For its sixth edition, Les Escales Improbable of Montreal offers a program that is richer than ever ! Once again, the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal will be the essential playground on which you are all invited to discover – at your rhythm and enjoyment – the artists of the 2009 edition. Do not be surprised if you are unable to find schedules. The Escales Improbables crew invites you to abandon yourself during a few hours to the pleasures of exploration and discovery. The EIM have prepared improbable encounters from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm where dance, sculpture, painting as well as multimedia performances are all intertwined. Our crew is there to guide you at all times! The team of the Escales Improbables wishes you a great trip by the river.

The 2009 EIM will also be holding a great, convivial gathering where music, dance and performance combine their know-how at Hangar 16 of the Old Port on Saturday, September 12. Improbable links and locales… Except for The Escales Improbables who invite you to meet and greet the artists and teams involved. A Soirée de Sentier where art goes off the beaten path !

+Video + Film

Glen Le Mesurier Cour Le RoyerObviously everything posted here is video.

There are some which have been transferred from original film stock.

Vidéo par et

Vidéo par Coeurdanik
Le Poisson Jurassique est présentement au Parc Régional St-Bernard.

Documentaire sur glen lemesurier, sculpteur montréalais. Fait avec Michael Leblanc-Vézina et Ghislain Schmidt. Nominé dans la catégorie “meilleure production” au Gala de l’institut Grasset 2007.

Photography, editing, treatment and sound by
Christian Richer

A tour of the monumental sculptures of Ile Ste-Helene, Montreal at the Expo 1967 site. Hosted by Montreal sculptor Glen Le Mesurier. Features the sculptures of Buckminster Fuller, Alexander Calder, R. Roussil and Yves Trudeau. Music by Zig Zag Zen with guest Jordi Rosen. Directed by Jennifer MacIntyre, Lisanore Godbout and Stephane Janukavicius.


(English below) J’ai un dévouement pour l’art public, parce que celui-ci s’intègre dans l’expérience de la vie quotidienne. Mon travail cherche le jour dans la sphère publique.

J’ai développé dans le quartier où je travaille et je réside, le Mile-End, une série d’œuvres d’art environnemental.

Je suis convaincu que l’art doit occuper une place dans les espaces verts et représenter la culture en action. Je me considère comme un artiste « vert ».

Mon ouvrage est composé d’objets recyclés. À travers leur interprétation, ceux-ci deviennent héroïques, et de leur transformation se dessine une mythologie.

Je suis autodidacte et, dans mon studio, j’explore depuis vingt ans les techniques de construction. Au début je travaillait avec de petites pièces de bois et maintenant, je travaille avec des pièces en acier de plus en plus grandes.

Je dois beaucoup aux artistes qui m’ont précédés et je me nourris de leur savoir, qui a formé mon style : une poésie lumineuse portée par une voix métallique.

En plus de mon jardin du Mile-End, « Le jardin du Crépuscule », qui compte cinquante-deux sculptures, mon travail a été présenté en galeries et dans des expositions à travers le Canada. Certaines appartiennent à des collections et le siège social du Cirque du Soleil possède également une collection. Six sculptures sont exposées au parc des Sculptures de l’hôpital Douglas et douze au Parc national Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle. Deux sculptures sont également à Montpellier (Outaouais), au parc des sculptures Recyclart et depuis récemment, dix sculptures sont exposées au carré Cabot, dans le quartier Shaughnessy.

C’est la relation entre l’art et le temps, quand la force de la culture s’imprègne à l’espace pour transformer le paysage urbain me fascine


I have a strong commitment to Public Art and I believe that art should be integrated to the experience of daily life. My work is created with the purpose that i twill find its way into the public sphere. I have developed an art environment in the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal, where I work and live. Because I believe that urban reclamation and occupying public spaces with Art is a form of culture in action.

I consider myself to be a green artist. My work with recycled objects, discards, salvaged materials, etc., not only addresses historical and ecological concerns but becomes also for me a method of inclusivity, infusing the work with a depth that triggers a cognitive reaction and ties the viewer memorially to shared meanings. I believe that by using recycled material in unexpected ways the survival of the materials becomes heroic and their transformation from object into art becomes part of a mythological process.

As a self taught artist I have spent twenty years learning the techniques of construction that have allowed me to move from working on small pieces in wood to working now on iron, in an industrial studio. I have given a lot to my work and have also gotten much from it and I owe a debt to other artists eho have gone before me, traveling this road of sparks and steel.

In addition to my public sculpture garden, my work has been shown in galleries and at exhibitions throughout Canada and my sculpture can be found in many collections including the head offices of the Cirque du Soleil. Along with this there have been recent installations in and around Montreal, from private homes to small hidden gardens in the city. The Parc régional de Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle has a beautiful backdrop of 100 acres of trees and forest and has recently new pieces to Square Cabot and its inter urban landscape has been a test of environmental integration to a historical surface and a place where landscape and traffic meet in Shaughnessy Village.

I believe that my forté is in material substances and in the relation of art to time, cultural forces to space. It is with this concept that my art exists and expands on the city landscape.